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Samstag, 23. Februar 2013, 14:51

Firmware for bricked 35HD-QUAD-NAS


Recently I got a 35HD-QUAD-NAS ( It was bricked.
Following this tutorial (…_console_method), I got access to the system via J1 and now I want to load the firmware to restore the system.
But I can´t find the original firmware (G5S604120026302) or one more recent compatible with this NAS, because all links that I found are down and MRT doesn´t provide support or firmware to download X( .
Let's see if someone can pass me the link to download the firmware.

Thank you very much.





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Samstag, 23. Februar 2013, 20:55

Hi Andres,
as I always collect things I have a copy. I uploaded G5S604110026302.tar.gz to

I think the most recent one is G5S604110026704 Link

Best regards,
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