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Montag, 14. April 2008, 08:11

GigaNAS SL3516

After playing around with the hardware, I found that there are no links or resistors needed on my GigaNAS to get into deug mode. The chipset used is not the 3316 but the 3516 and so non of the JTAG bootloader options will work that are listed. I did try for a long time. However the Wiggler does connect and give the information that the GigaNAS is in debug mode.

I have tried to hunt down the Data sheet for the chipset with no luck so far. If anyone has it please let us know?



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Montag, 14. April 2008, 08:21

RE: GigaNAS SL3516

the fact that no link is needed is not true.
For the check if the CPU is in debug mode only one bit is read from a register and if it is occasionally true the check reports "Debug mode OK" although the CPU is still running.
The CPU registers are memory mapped and the map of SL3516 differs from SL3316.
So we read something else but the debug status.

Debug mode means that the CPU is halted like hitting a breakpoint. It is required because CPU registers are used for Flash access and they would be changed if CPU is still executing code.

If we correct FlashTool I am sure that the 1-17 link will be needed!

Update 2008-05-26 by HWguru:
now an updated FlashTool version with SL3516 support is available for download here. It should be capable of flashing SL3516 based hardware like the NAS4220 and Giganas

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