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Montag, 21. April 2008, 09:10

root Kennwort ändern / change root password permanently

Hi, hello
as one should know the default root password is raidsonic.
As that is not acceptable if you want to connect your box to the internet we need to change it permanently.

1. login onto your box and look at the file /etc/passwd with cat or


sed 1pd /etc/passwd
result should be: root:$1$$tFdOUzkKJ3t4VYX8OWAaa/:0:0:root:/root:/bin/ash
The password is stored in encrypted form as $1$$tFdOUzkKJ3t4VYX8OWAaa/

2. change the password to a good one with numbers, upper, and lower-case letters with the passwd command

3. execute sed again to get the new hash value


sed 1pd /etc/passwd
take the new password (between the two : ) and append the following lines to your init file of the do_it package


#change default password
mv /etc/passwd /etc/passwd.bak
sed 's/$1$$tFdOUzkKJ3t4VYX8OWAaa\//new_password_here/' /etc/passwd.bak > /etc/passwd
If the new password contains a / you must quote it with \ (/ --> \/ = \ + /) because / has a special meaning in unix (like within the default password).

Feel free to try it at your own risk!
Be careful to enter the string correctly or you will not be able to log in with root with putty afterwards.
In that case you need a serial cable connected to the box and interrupt the boot process at the point where "init" is called. Or you rename or move init so that it is not executed any more.

Be sure that init is read only to prevent a change of the password.

Leute ohne Laster haben oft wenige Tugenden...
NAS2000 2.3.2.IB.2.RS.1+Lüfterabschaltung+SSH+do_it+zusätzliche commandline tools+changed root password
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