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Sonntag, 21. September 2008, 10:09

Twonky installation

I have a problem that Twonky does not see all my artists, however changing the menus to ipod type gives me 544 artists, other menus including custom only give 244 artists, i have 2558 artists in total, the albums are all there. Anybody had the same problem? 4.4.4 worked. i am on version 4.4.6

Now the kicker, i emailed Twonky to let them know and they said that THEY DO NOT NOW SUPPORT SELF INSTALLED NAS. Wish i had known this before paying for a license. OUCH! They do not even answer my emails after the first one, so they are not very customer friendly.

You may want to pass this on to others, however Twonky is good, So does anybody have other recommendations?



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Sonntag, 21. September 2008, 11:01

WOW that is really customer unfriendly.

For me it sounds like a Twonky problem if it has been working in a former release.
Is it stated anywhere which platforms are being supported?

Hey, you have paid for a license...

P.S. did you try to find an answer at the Twonky Forum?

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Sonntag, 21. September 2008, 22:07


Its a known Problem. Twonky is scanning only files that are playable. Playable are all files a codec is implemented in...

Well, you now have 3 options,

first: update your licensed version and get the latest codecs... or

second: download the latest version from raidsonic (service...drivers), delete the existing one and install that instead. (do not license that ´cause its not neccessary - it will run over testing period)

third: update the codecs only in the Twonky-Media directory on NAS

Whatever you´ll do... please post your results.

PS. To rescan you media restart NAS by Hardwarebutton (after 30 seconds downtime).

May that be useful :)


(I´am a little bit surprised ´bout the quite unfriendly behaviour that Twonky-sup. was ... :thumbdown: from me!)
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