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Freitag, 22. Mai 2009, 20:47

IB-NAS4220-B - Faulty box?

Hi there,

i've obtained one of these NAS Boxes ( IB-NAS4220-B) and i set it up with two 1TB
HDD's on a Raid1 setup.

All worked well for a day or 2...then the box became unresponsive.

i unplugged it and plugged it back in, and on the status page one of the disks
was showing – ‘’disk error occur wrong’’ (hdb)

Obviously, thinking it was a faulty disk, i swapped it for a different
model...(which i knew 100% worked) it rebuilt the RAID automatically and
everything seemed fine.

....2 days later, the same thing happend...but to the disk on the other port. (hda)

I then just gave up fighiting with it and set it up with 1
disk, but now this has crashed with the same problem (which is why ive now come
scouring the web for some help!). One
way i found to bring the drive back to life, was to unplug the stata cable and
plug it back in again....why is this happening?

I know all the disks i have been using in it are 100% fine, as i’ve done
physical surface tests on them for hours. One of the disks that actaully failed
in the NAS has since been put into a proliant server, and has been running
without a hitch for almost 2 weeks.

I've got the latest firmware and i've done a full factory reset too - any
ideas? or am i at a loss with a faulty box?




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Samstag, 23. Mai 2009, 10:00

Hi and welcome s_clarke!

Have you visited nas-portal?
There is a big community of NAS4220 users and some of them have problems with Samsung and WD brand disks. What disks are you using?
You could try to upgrade to some "unofficial" firmware although it does not fix the problems with the drives I mentioned.

Kind regards,
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