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Freitag, 5. März 2010, 11:29

Is there a way loading the Planex MZK-nas02sg firmware onto an MVixBox (WDN-2000)?

This is an interesting forum I stumbled on whilst looking for a way to load the Planex MZK-nas02sg firmware onto an MVixBox (WDN-2000).

Has anyone here have a procedure or any advice on how to go about doing this?

The MVixbox firmware is overkill and terribly unreliable.



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Samstag, 6. März 2010, 15:22

Hi and welcome at our forum!

I created a new thread because you don't have Flash problems...

Could you give us some links? What hard and firmware is this NAS based on?

Leute ohne Laster haben oft wenige Tugenden...
NAS2000 2.3.2.IB.2.RS.1+Lüfterabschaltung+SSH+do_it+zusätzliche commandline tools+changed root password
1. suchen - lesen - Google - lesen - 1. Fragen gehören ins Forum, dann profitieren alle davon!



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Dienstag, 9. März 2010, 10:02

MvixBox to Planex

Thanks for the warm reception and the new thread on this firmware swap question.

The WDN-2000 (also known as the MvixBox) is a NAS box made by Unicorn and uses a storlink SL3516c2 (USQHC65-001A2) processor.

The hardware is identical to that of the Planex mzk-nas02sg or the Edimax NS-2502 NAS boxes.

Mvix from Korea is the supplier / developer of this NAS box but unfortunately they have abandoned this product well short of their promised technical and operating promises and the firmware remains full of bugs and anoyances (they seem to do that for most of their products).

I am trying to setup a users group to make something out of this product and was looking for usefull info to do something. (its how I found this site).

My thought was that with a suitable boot loader the Planex firmware should be able to run the Mvixbox, and that I think might be an improvement for us.

CSTAMAS82 flash problem also relates to an Mvixbox. He is trying to recover it by flashing it with the opengemini bootloader and planex software. I am very interested if he managed to do this.

Oh I forgot some links:

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Sonntag, 11. April 2010, 13:28

Procedure For Loading The Planex Firmware

CSTAMAS82 emailed me the following procedure for loading the Planex Firmware.

Note: CSTAMAS82 has a bad flash sector on his MVixbox and so this procedure remains untested. Also because of this he needs a copy of the original MVixbox bootloader. If someone can read it with the flash tool please let me know.

Procedure to load the planex firmware is:

1, Dissembled a box
2, Make a connector on board
3, Buy a TTL 232R 3V3 cable (example)
4, Make connection (Cable Type 4)
Cable Red - Nas 1 VCC Pin
Cable Green - Nas 5 TDI pin
Cable Orange - Nas 7 TMS pin
Cable Yellow - NAS 9 TCK pin
Cable Brown - NAS 13 TDO pin
Cable Black GND - NAS GND pin
Very importan the NAS 1 or 2 (vcc) pin and Nas 17 pin connect (debug mode) !!!

5, Used flashtool (The_NAS_unbricking_guide)
Download redboot.bin (\mtd0.bin)

It's ok the download is successful next...

6, Used again the cable on serial port
Pinouts on picture left to right
First VCC - empty
Second DATA1 - Cable Orange
Third GND - Cable Black
Fourth DATA2 - Cable Yellow

Very important the order:
- Connect the cable to PC
- Run the hyperterminal with 19200 baudrate
- Turn on NAS and very fast connect the nas and cable on nas board

You see the boot list but if you push ctrl-c then you see the bootloader menu.
-Create FIS directory
-Upgrade kernel with Planex firmware (very faster if you use the tftp for firmware download The_NAS_unbricking_guide)

End Procedure.

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