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Freitag, 24. Dezember 2010, 16:26


On a locked thread it is reported that the stock firmware has no way to access via telnet but that is not true. There is a "hidden" web page that allows you to enable it:
<NAS web address>/cgi/telnet/telnet.cgi



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Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010, 18:03

THX RoadRanger!

Could anyone owning such a NAS device proof that?

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Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011, 02:25

THX RoadRanger!

Could anyone owning such a NAS device proof that?

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Confirmed on firmware version (with FTP Bug Fix - see french forum for the link. . .)

Edit: (later, after looking up the forum referenced) :whistling:
Link to corrected firmware (which I am using - the default IP is, no DHCP enabled), taken from French forum:
(TinyURL: )

Link to an updated version, (based on "tinky" - whatever that is, that I have not upgraded to yet), from the same French forum:
(TinyURL: )
Supposedly this firmware supports several interesting protocols out-of-the-box, like SSH, without having to secretly enable it. I have not yet used it, and can provide no information as of yet to what the new default IP address would be.

Link to the site itself (this lands on page 4 where these links are located. If you can read French, there is even a mini-Doc on the new firmware. I sure wish someone would translate this into English!)
(TinyURL: )
End Edit

Attached: Screen shot of the activation page & screen-shot of the active Telnet session.

1. It is plain vanilla Telnet. No SSH here!
2. Login is "root" with no password. Maybe a password can be set? Darned if I know.
3. I do not yet know if it survives a reboot, or is part of the "saved configuration"

IMHO, I'd bookmark the hidden page, open as needed and then close tight as a drum!


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