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Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011, 13:51

Windows & UAC Issues

The Mbox NAS system installs a few programs on the users PC that aim for easy user share disk mapping in windows explorer.
These are windows XP legacy programs that have issues with the UAC of windows 7.

I wonder if other NAS system have similar interface programs with UAC issues and if any solutions have been deviced?
Apart from turning UAC off nothing else has worked for me.
Strangely, giving these programs elevated security priviledges breaks them even more as does turning off IE protected mode (confused!).

The native windows network mapping tool works fine (and can easily be automated with the net use command in a script).
But I would still prefer something like a UAC program white list that bypasses these non compliant programs.

Would like to hear any comment from users that have struggled with this type of thing.