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Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011, 13:31

OpenWRT port for MvixBox and Clones

This section of the forum is only for subject matter that relates to OpenWRT firmware.

Some of you may know of the OpenGemini Wiki site (
It has a lot of interesting detail about hacking a Planex NAS box.
Many months ago work was started to extend these hacks to the MvixBox (WDN2000) and this has resulted in
a new port of the OpenWRT firmware to suit the Planex as well as the MvixBOX. :beer:

Thus finally, users with this hardware have an option to off-load their crippled firmwares and re purpose the NAS to suit other needs.
(for example it features a proper DLNA UPNP server for audio/video streaming)
Currently the firmware port is deemed to be stable and of Release Code quality. Development / testing is continuing so as to improve performance
and fine tune its features.

Give it a try.


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