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Montag, 6. Februar 2012, 12:05

Easy OpenWRT

OpenWRT's main thrust is to provide a nice alternative firmware for supported routers, but it also works very nicely on various NAS boxes.
Flashing to OpenWRT may well involve TFTP servers, RS232 ports, boot menu's and opening NAS cases.
Consequently, many may well silently mutter a few expletives ?( that end with the thought "not for me". But read on...

The good news
is that it has been made very easy for MvixBOX users to try out OpenWRT.
Essentially, its a one step process to move to OpenWRT firmware and another one step to move back to Mvix firmware.
Fancy software or hardware tools are not needed.

To move to OpenWRT you need: openwrt-cs351x-mvixbox-mvixusa2openwrt-mbox_v1.4.bin
To move back to Mvix you need: openwrt-cs351x-mvixbox-openwrt2mvixusa.bin

These files can be down loaded from the Opengemini site (I may even add them to the NAS-2000 repository).

Link to Opengemini:

Preliminaries to the upgrading:

1) Start with your MvixBOX at firmware V1.1 or higher.
2) Remove the HDD's from the MvixBOX.
3) Direct connect to the ethernet port of your PC (no router!).
4) Set the NIC in your PC to a static IP address in the same subnet as the MvixBOX.
___ the default static IP address of the MvixBOX is, so your PC could be set to (as an example).
5) Start your MvixBox and bring up the recovery webpage.
___ eg in internet explorer type in the IP address of the MvixBOX (
___ if you have never seen the recovery webpage it looks like this:

[attach]280[/attach] (click on the thumbnail for a bigger picture)

6) Notice the firmware upgrade dialog at the bottom of the recovery webpage?

The Upgrade:

7) Use the firmware upgrade dialog with the openwrt-cs351x-mvixbox-mvixusa2openwrt-mbox_v1.4.bin file.
___ (that is a one step upgrade!).
8 ) And now you have OpenWRT.

What Now:

9) The default static IP address of OpenWRT is
___ so change the static address of the NIC in your PC to be within the new subnet (eg
___ enter in internet explorer and you will be greeted with Luci (the OpenWRT web based Graphical User Interface).
10) Via Luci you can set the ethernet port to connect to a DHCP server (eg your router).
___ the Luci GUI for setting up the ethernet connection looks like this.

[attach]281[/attach] (click on the thumbnail for a bigger picture)

The Downgrade (or bummer I Don't LIKE It):

11) Luci also has a firmware upgrade page.
___ Use that to "downgrade" with the openwrt-cs351x-mvixbox-openwrt2mvixusa.bin firmware file
___ and then the Mvix firmware (V1.1) is back.


If you have an MvixBOX clone, for instance the Planex MZK-NAS02SG, have a look at the Opengemini Wiki pages and you may
well find a very similar procedure exists for your NAS box.

Final Words:

Well as you know, any firmware flashing does have a little bit of risk assiociated with it.
If the flash upgrade does go pear shaped :comp03: then just remember you took that risk and therefore are the only one responsible for creating your
nice bricked NAS. Of course this forum provides lots of guidance in un-bricking NAS boxes, its not that hard to do and help is but a question away.


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