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giovedì, 15 agosto 2013, 13:50

Curiousity - Anyone using OWRT

Curious if anyone is actively using the OpenWRT operating system on their NAS box.
Just drop in a affirmative response here if you are.
And maybe even provide your opinion of how its working out.

I am running 3 of these NAS boxes, 2 with OWRT and one with OEM.
Prefer OWRT myself but OEM has a few strong points as well.




venerdì, 21 febbraio 2014, 16:51

Hi, just joined.
I've been using the openwrt port in my nas02sg for about a year now but for most of the time, it just sat unused because of my other devices were easier to configure (slug, pogoplug-debian,etc)
I've been attempting to use it more lately as a secondary backup device but have been limited due to my knowledge of the opkg formats and rsync config. I did manage to install screen from the Gemini packages, but that was among the few that I found compatible with the current install. That helped out with some manual backups(cp -r, etc).
I'm interested to see if anyone has managed to get a Debian install working.
Thanks for the support and group!