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martedì, 31 dicembre 2013, 21:46

Unbricking IB-NAS4210-B

I have recently received a IB-NAS4210-b from a friend, he said its bricked, and after some investigation,
I found powering on the NAS - the blue light surrounding the Power Switch comes on, but no other LED's light up at all,
I believe that the OS LED should start to blink and then stay steady green if OS has booted OK.

When powering off the NAS - this takes about 2-3 seconds, with no change in any LED's.

When a ethernet cable is attached to the NAS, a green steady LED is lit, I have tried connecting via Ethernet, using SearchNAS software but no good.
After fitting the NAS with a 160GB Hard Drive and trying to access via USB connection, windows does not even detect the presence of a new USB device.

I am aware that this NAS has a serial connection, and can be brought back to life, with the proper firmware.
But can be easily damaged by using the wrong serial adapter voltages , and static,

If possible, could some one please provide me with some information on a suitable USB serial adapter, and serial pin outs for the NAS.

Thank you
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sabato, 04 gennaio 2014, 04:54

I think you will find all that unbricking information in the WIKIS.
An FTDI based USB2SERIAL,with access to the CCTB to set it up for voltage level shifting on the serial data lines, is what you need.
Breadboard versions readily available on EBAY.



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domenica, 02 marzo 2014, 10:57

if one wants to connect a serial adapter the only really important thing you have to pay attention is the voltage.
The adapter MUST have 3.3V IO voltage.
The pinout and bootloader command line interface is the same as on the NAS4220.

At the moment we don't know if JTAG access is possible but I will try to find the JTAG signals when I get a 4210 hardware.
If we get JTAG access sometimes you would need a FTDI FT232R based adapter. This is the only type which is supported by our NAS_FlashTool.

In the meantime I received a dump of the NAS4210 bootloader. It is available for download at our database.
But as long as we don't have JTAG access nothing can be done with it.

Best regards,
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domenica, 02 marzo 2014, 12:08

A pity the OP hasn't come back to this request for help.
The NAS does respond with a green light when the ethernet is connected.
Makes me think that the bootloader is intact and the boot process flows into kernel panic.
So recovery via the serial port seems very probable (maybe already achieved!).